Relaxation of immigration quarantine, removal of quarantine from 26th

The Government announced on September 23 the lifting of compulsory quarantine requirement for inbound persons from overseas places or Taiwan starting from September 26, after analysing scientific data and striking a balance among factors such as transmission risks. The arrangement for inbound persons from the Mainland or Macao will be rationalised at the same time. The Government’s goal is to minimise the inconvenience faced by inbound travellers due to quarantine requirements and allow room for Hong Kong to connect with the world as far as possible, while being able to contain the epidemic development.

Quarantine arrangement upon arrival at Hong Kong will be changed to “0+3”, i.e. no compulsory quarantine will be required. There will be three days of medical surveillance during which inbound persons are free to go out but are obliged to comply with Amber Code restrictions under the Vaccine Pass, followed by a four-day self-monitoring period, making it a 7-day observation period in total.

Nucleic acid tests at community testing centres, mobile testing stations or other recognised institutions on Day 2, Day 4 and Day 6 (the day of arrival is Day 0) will be required upon arrival at Hong Kong, supplemented by daily RATs from Day 1 to Day 7.


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