Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2022


This year, the full moon will be at 17:59 on the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, but if the weather is good, you can see a full moon the day before and the day after the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The moon begins to rise at 18:43 on the 10th and reaches its peak at 12:40 am on the 11th, which is the best timing for viewing.

The direction is south, the angle between the horizon and the moon is 60 degrees, and there is a high possibility that it can be seen in places such as parks and beaches where there are few tall buildings.

In addition, the moon will be at its highest at 23:50 on the 9th (angle of 54 degrees) and at 1:28 am on the 12th (angle of 67 degrees), making it easier to see.


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